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We believe every wedding is special and unique and so rest assure, we promise to do our best to offer as many tips and advices that can be tailored to your very own special day.

Our contents are always up to date, keeping you in the loop with the latest trends and following what most brides are incorporating into their wedding day ceremony and party.

Whether you’re a traditional kind of bride or aspire for a totally modernise wedding, we’ve got all the necessities for you to simplify your wedding planning process!

Plan an unforgettable wedding party with all our sources directing you on the important details. You’ll find what captivating colour themes you should use, venue decoration ideas, fun creative quirks (for your inner child), etc.

Wedding decoration themes


Like a fancy magazine or a dependable girlfriend, we’ll be your reliable guide preventing you from neglecting any important element that can really make your wedding pop!

Wedding decoration themes all depend on your personal choice and style. We love exploring what other couples are doing and how they’ve infused a little bit of their style to personalise their wedding.

As much as we’ll be providing our blogs for you to read, we’ll also share some real wedding couple’s wedding decoration themes for great inspirations. We love hearing the stories behind it!

We’ll also keep you in the loop with our season’s top pick wedding themes. Our current top favourite theme choice is the romantic rustic garden wedding, ideal for the Mother Nature loving couple looking for a summer/ spring wedding.

From that vintage feeling brown paper cardboard wedding invitation to the fairy lit trees and fruity naked inspired wedding cake, we are utterly obsessed!

We’ll give you ideas on what you can include, for example continuing on with the rustic wedding theme, why not serve lemonade flavoured alcohol out of mason jars or mason drink dispensers for that authentic vintage look.

Another great idea would be to include a lot of candles for your table centre, along with flowers in clean recycled tins. Not only will your wedding look great, but you’ll be doing it on a budget (that’s more money for your honeymoon)!

Or if you’re more of a glamourous bride after a lavish wedding decoration theme, we’ll give you all the decorations must do to complete the extravagant look!

Whatever your theme choice, you’ll love all our smart thinking convenient ideas! But we’re certain your guests will appreciate them even more!

Elegant wedding


Throwing an elegant wedding that’s customizable to your personal style can be overwhelming.

Our wedding party blog will offer you a range of tips on what party accessories you should add into your chosen elegant theme.

Don’t forget to carefully choose your stationery design that’s matching to your theme! We adore detailed intricate laser cut designs that reflect tradition mixed in with super chicness. With such great quality and detailing, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this little investment.

You can also add a touch of class with personalised mini champagne bottles for each guest to take home as a souvenir to remember such a beautiful day.

Your centrepiece and your table decorations setting will be what defines your elegant wedding, and we’ve got all the goodies in our countless blog posts just for you!

Offering all our great secrets online for you to read and share, we’re sure you’ll find more than  just your wedding inspiration with us.